National Platforms

National Platforms are the meetings of representatives from the local associations with the governing bodies of ESN Portugal. There are two types of National Platforms:

  • Council of Local Representatives: usually held three times per year;
  • Council of Local Delegates: usually held once a year.

In these events participants decide the future of the Portuguese Network, attend workshops and meet their peers.

National Trainings

National Trainings are events where ESN Portuguese volunteers have the chance to gain knowledge in different areas.

The Portuguese National Training Event (pTNT) is held once a year and it includes workshops under the Non-Formal Education principles.

We also have Position Specific Meetings, where our volunteers from different sections and the National Board, who occupy the same ESN position, have the chance to meet:

  • Local Boards' Meeting - for the local board members (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Local Representative);
  • Projects Managers' Meeting - for local project managers and national Project Manager;
  • Communication Managers' Meeting - for local communication managers and national Communication Manager.

I Communication Weekend by ESN Portugal I Portuguese National Training by ESN Portugal